"Working with Terry has been an incredible experience. I feel so lucky to have her as my master and healer.
Terry has so many intuitive gifts, holds so much knowledge and she is able to convey that information in a way
that everyone can grasp. Even now that classes have ended, she continues to guide me on my path, and I am truly grateful for her generosity, compassion and friendship. I have learned so much from Terry and I know that my
future endeavors are going to be successful because I had the good fortune of learning from Terry as a part of
my foundation".

"I'd like to take this moment, to thank you for everything you have done for me and the others in the class.
The truth is really in the healing, and you have shown me this. For that I thank you."
Bill Y. ART Class March 2012. 

"Thank you again for this wonderful experience. I felt so comfortable and at home in your presence. I'm still overjoyed with what I have learned today. I am also very excited about finally meeting someone, you, who believes in and practices all the things I have been reading about. On behalf of the rest of the world, thank you for your light. I truly feel blessed today for meeting you."
Thank you, Violetta

"Terry is blessed with the ability to heal and offer you direction towards spiritual enlightenment. I have witnessed her amazing capability as a messenger and conduit of energy. She has a wondrous gift that is to be experienced."
Sandy Guarnotta/Huntington

"My first Reiki class with Terry was amazing. She is informative and precise, lending her intuitiveness and
knowledge to make the class enjoyable and easy to learn. She is a natural healer. I felt an immediate energy transference. She is a gifted healer who will touch many lives in very positive ways - a true spirit of light!"
MCD/Westbury, N.Y.

"I heard about Reiki during my Shaman classes. As most people who study Shamanism it is all about the energy
and developing your own sense of being. It has been two years since this class and I really felt I needed to explore
the Reiki concept. However, I am very fussy in choosing a person I feel should be a part of my life. I met Terry
during a yoga class and I immediately felt goodness. Her nonjudgmental aura is something need to accomplish.
On January 22, 2011, I received my first attunement from Terry. Her house was very positive and the atmosphere
was very calming. You feel energized just being around her. You can feel the energy coming from her by just sitting in her space. Reiki is not something you can write about, it is an experience. Terry let me experience something wonderful. I will continue my studies and when I am ready I will have Terry teach me Reiki II." 
Thank you Terry. With all my love, Jan M./Farmingdale

"Terry, You are such a beautiful loving soul. Just being in your presence one can feel the care and compassion.
Taking your Reiki classes were just the beginning of my experience with your calming peaceful energy. You put so much love into your teaching and healing which you do with honesty and sensitivity, even writing it all down for those of us who are memory challenged! You are a natural healer who communicates in a gentle manner. I came away excited and clear minded as to what I had to do. And even the next day you emailed me my guides name! 
You are AMAZING!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie
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"I've been looking and searching for a Reiki Master for more than 18 months. I have crossed paths with other masters and for some reason I never actually signed up to take the course. My friend and I have been waiting to embark on this journey together for some time now. I had seen your name over and over in the past, even visited your website. I was interested in Karuna and IET as well. Then for about 2 weeks your name kept popping up everywhere online, magazine, and newsletter. My intuition was knocking and I knew this is it. This was the moment. I then visited your website and called you. When I finally spoke to you......I knew you were the master I was meant to work with. Your voice carried your friendliness, compassion and honesty. I called my friend and told her I'm taking the course....if she would like to join me. She quickly caved. Terry, you were so accommodating as well (thank you for making room for her). We were both so excited. I personally couldn't sleep. I awoke at 4 am like a child excited and enthusiastic about the days events. You truly are a great instructor. You are compassionate, loving, giving, and graceful. Your knowledge sparks my curiosity and intrigued my creativeness. This is the reason I didn't want to go home.....I was shocked that the time flew. The only problem was that I didn't want the class to end, I felt as if it fed my soul. The class structure was awesome, it worked well for all involved. We had plenty of time to ask questions, to practice what we just learned, and to give and receive Reiki. The guided meditations were amazing. I have experienced beautiful spiritual events since the attunements. I am grateful to have met you and to have been given the opportunity to have you as my instructor. I know NOW why I had to wait this long...........the Universe delivered the best for me."
So again from my heart, I Thank you. Irene C., Reiki Level II Practitioner.

"I am doing much better. I think the healing helped me work through some deep rooted issues. I am very grateful to have you. I was feeling lost at times and alone because of my anger and sorrow. I have always known that my spirituality and beliefs is my navigator through life but it was not ignited....you have helped me ignite, and be reborn. It was a very precise set of messages given to me last week and it all added up to the message that I am guided, I am protected, and I am loved. I did some research on spiritual awakening. Everything I have been feeling and seeing says that is what is happening to me. I need to continue on this beautiful journey that has been nothing short of amazing. I needed to feel the grief to feel the joy I am now surrounded by. I would like to come for another healing in a few weeks. I feel so well, so peaceful, and so light. I keep your list with me as a gentle reminder of where I was last week. I have let go of my anger and let God lead me to the light. I am feeling the healing effects. Thank you for being my guardian angel. God bless you and I truly feel blessed to have you for a guide and healer."
E. P.

"We attended Terry's Reiki I & II classes and had excellent experiences in both sessions. Terry is extremely knowledgeable not only about Reiki, but many other metaphysical subjects as well. She imparted the information for the courses very clearly and professionally and the environment was warm and welcoming. There was ample time for "hands on" training, in which Terry provided extensive personal guidance. We left her classes feeling inspired, enthusiastic and prepared to practice Reiki on our own. We also appreciated Terry's frequent follow up emails and words of encouragement."
Ellen N. & Susan T.

"Just wanted you to know my life is a little different now. Not walking around in complete fear. Wonderful people are coming into my life here in Dallas. I knew I liked it but I had a block on myself and my family. I have never been so excited when the plane touched down. I was cheering as we were coming in. I'm chalking this one up to you. Obviously I am on a high and life will have some rain but thank you for your help and healing thru this!!"  

"Terry is a kind and compassionate healer. The combination of her peaceful space, warm heart and her healing abilities is assurance that you will leave a session feeling lighter."
Deb G.

"I have known Terry for many years. Rarely do you find someone who is as caring, warm and considerate, someone who will make your Reiki experience warm, fulfilling and peaceful. Terry's knowledge, training, and attention to detail. I will ensure that as you end your session, you will look forward to the next one. I heartily endorse her." 
Bill Staudt

“I’m moving forward with my metaphysical studies but I don’t think I’m connecting with Spirit the way I need to and could use a boost from an expert-that’s you!!! Last night was another wonderful class, thank you so much. The things I see, feel, sense, know, sometimes smell make my heart swell. The fact that friends or family who have passed come to me so easily and are right by me during a meditation humbles and astounds me. To not be such a scaredy cat has really ramped things up as well. I started out on this journey several years ago and always felt so alone on this path of enlightenment. I read everything I could get my hands on but it wasn’t enough, what I needed was a friend and mentor and you are all that and more. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. You are a treasure Terry”. 

"We've all asked "who am I and what is my purpose in life. What makes me me? Where have I been? Where am I going?" Meditation and introspection give some answers to these questions. With the guidance and insights of Terry Leone, I have learned more about myself and how I fit into the universe than I ever could have on my own. Why Terry Leone? Terry has the combination of knowledge, sensitivity and ability to communicate in a gentle manner to assist you in your journey to understanding yourself. Personally, she has shared her knowledge of techniques for meditation, removing blocks, understanding auras, dream interpretation, and energy and balance in the universe. Time is passing. We can understand and share our gifts and be part of the flow or we can let other people set standards for how we live our lives. A life well-lived is one where we share ourselves to make life a little better for someone else. Understanding yourself and where you fit in to the universe can only be done partially on your own. Take Terry Leone as your guide, discover yourself, and be the best you can be."

"It has been a while since my profound REIKI experience. It was by request at the bedside of one of my patient's. The daughters recognized that their wonderful mother was about to embark on her journey to eternity. The girls wanted her to be accompanied by all their positive energy to facilitate her transition.
Terry Leone answered their request and laid healing hand upon their mom. I was behind Terry touching
her back. The heat generated through all of us, and I felt the tremendous positive energy within. It was a moving experience for all of us. In addition I experienced my own internal healing process. For more than
10 years I had a small cyst under my left arm, sometimes it caused me discomfort; but mostly it was just annoying. After that bedside REIKI experience it was gone, never to return. Positive energy is everywhere in the universe, we just have to be open to receive it and it is ours. The best part is that it was generated by such a warm host, an experience I will never forget. The patient and her girls were also the recipients of a journey of peace on to eternity for their beloved mother."
Thanks Terry and may the angels forever be with you, PK

Reiki made my body feel totally relaxed. I felt a sense that all positive energy was running through my body.
It gave me time to focus on healing myself. It helped me deal with day to day stresses by stopping myself
to think only positive thoughts to get through those stressful moments."

I just wanted to truly thank you for teaching/sharing Reiki. I wanted you to know how you have affected my life and probably my grandmother's as well. Basically, over the past two months there have been some ups and downs with my grandmother's health. Thursday she was back in the hospital. My aunt, my sister and I visited her Friday. She was unconscious, not responding to us. We knew her passing was going to be sooner rather than later, the Dr. figured within the next few days. Later Friday evening, I was finished at work, I was thinking that I should go back to the hospital and visit again. My brain argued with me that I was tired, but I just felt I needed to go! So, I went back into Queens. I spoke to her for a little while (cried a little too) and then started to give her Reiki. I just put it out to her that it was there for her, if she did not want it......fine, but it was there to receive as she needed for healing and peace. I stayed by her head, felt the buzz in my hands. Maybe 15 minutes. I noticed she skipped a breath here and there and she actually moved her mouth a little. And then the nurse came in and told me her heartbeat had stopped. In my heart I believe the Reiki helped her to heal and be at peace. I didn't quite expect it at that moment, just thought it would be helpful, but obviously that was the right time. So, I thank you for sharing this gift with me. I would like to think that it made her transition a little easier. I am looking forward to class tomorrow. The timing is perfect. A nice healing space to be in before the funeral.
Peace, DebReiki Level II Practitioner

"I have been guided to share my immeasurable joy and enlightenment that I have experienced by taking your uplifting Reiki Classes. Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy has instilled in me a true sense of Empowerment. With each class I am propelled to a higher level of Awareness. I AM in my Heart and I feel the innate presence of my Soul as it emerges from the depths of an Abyss. I AM Now Awakening to my Soul's purpose as beams of pure white light illuminate my path to Enlightenment. I AM to remember Who I AM. Your teachings of such a powerful Universal Life Force Energy in concert with your soft spoken, gentle, loving and compassionate ways has enamored me. It is beyond contestation. Your bright light, your being, your essence is truly a sheer joy to behold. The notion that grips me still and is harbored within is "Everything is Possible" and "Miraculous Happenings are Everywhere". They lie ahead before us just below the surface waiting to be released. I am in deep gratitude Terry for your Spirit and for all you are willing to share with the World. I have a newly found honor and respect for the legacy that is beyond one's wild imaginings .... The legacy of passing the "Sacred Torch" of Reiki down from Master to Master. The transformation that leaves one no other option than to "Speak One's Truth". "In Light" of Terry's teachings, for me, Reiki is no longer an Enigma".
Namaste, Gail Cushing

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful class as usual and share the fabulous experience I had later that night.
In our class as you know I didn’t experience the light rays that I was hoping to. When I went to bed, it was a light show like no other. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It started with a black swirling light and grew into shards of brilliant colors yellow, orange, red, green and magenta. They were so incredible and even florescence. They were coming at me and swirling around in geometric shapes. I felt so happy and light. I remember waving my arms through the lights and even though my eyes were closed I could see my hands and arms moving through them. It was such a wonderful experience that I had to share it with you and thank you for the meditation that we shared and that allowed me to experience it."
Thank you, AN
"My first introduction to Reiki was following gallbladder surgery. Several weeks afterwards I was still experiencing back pain, similar to the pain I had before the surgery. I was concerned that surgery didn't cure the problem. Terry performed Reiki on my back and almost immediately I began to feel better. Also, the pain never returned and I was on the way to complete healing. I was skeptical at first that Reiki would help me, but after experiencing first hand its benefits I must say I am now a believer."
Sue E.

"Terry is a natural healer with golden hands. A few years ago I told Terry that my knee was hurting me. She offered to perform Reiki on me. Within a few seconds I felt this incredible warmth on my knee. When the session was completed my knee no longer hurt and the pain never returned. Not only is Terry a gifted healer but she has the ability to connect with the other side. Terry is a very special person who spreads positive energy wherever she is. I am honored and feel blessed to have Terry as a friend in my life."
 Linda DeBare/ Westbury, NY

"Since I lost my only child, my daughter tries to give me messages through gifted people so I know she is always with me. She is very selective who she chooses to communicate with. Because of Terry's kindness and light, she has chosen Terry to give me beautiful messages just when I need them most."
Thank you Terry from the both of us.  KD

"I just wanted to let you know that the results came back from my sonogram and I had a cyst. It is gone because that is what I felt popped at my session with you, so thank you!!!"
Tara C./Whitestone, N.Y.

"Terry has helped me turn my life around by teaching me Reiki I & II. She made sure to be clear and concise on every aspect of the teaching. Her communication  before and after are top notch. She made me feel right at home. If you're looking for a great teacher look no further."
It's interesting, since the Reiki session I haven't had any abdominal pain. I had major surgery in July to get my appendix out and I've recently been having pain there. I get twinges once in a while, but it's better."
Thanks, N.P.

I can not thank you enough for the wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to meet you and the other girls! And also many thanks for the wonderful lunch you provided and the crystal gifts, I have already placed them in my sacred space. I feel absolutely wonderful this morning (although I did have a headache last night, glad you said it was normal to feel that way!) And I am seeing the sacred Reiki symbol in my mind's eye everywhere! I am looking forward to working with Reiki each and every day and look forward to helping people feel as wonderful as I do. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with me. Thank you again for helping me become more open and confident in my spiritual journey. It was very enlightening and I look forward to working with you again." 
Blessings, Donna

"I am feeling well and very happy that I gave myself the gift of your teaching. It was beautiful, and I'm happy to
have had the classmates I did! Thank you for your radiance, care and the love that you give to the world. I'm blessed to know you."

I loved my session! I got your e-mail this morning but wanted to wait a while to see how I felt after last night so I could give you some good feedback. I knew at the time I got a really good healing but I wanted to see how I truly felt today. I actually felt great - very focused, clear, energized and motivated! So thank you so much! Besides feeling great, I also feel encouraged. As I told you, I do all kinds of meditations and don't see many outer results of my inner work, so it was so very nice to hear about my third eye opening, The stellar gateway and my inter-dimentional travels. I think encouragement translates to confidence so thank you for that as well. You are extraordinarilly good at what you do, Probably from lots of inner work, lots of practice, plus true caring and concern.
Love and Light, Laura Masciarelli
“Nothing is coincidental and I believe I met Terry at the time I needed to. I went to Terry for a Reiki session and I left the session feeling a little lighter, a little more peaceful and calm. I felt that I too wanted to help other people feel what I felt. I completed Reiki level I and II have become more connected with myself and my surroundings. I try to meditate as much as possible, and that has also helped me along this journey. My journey did not just begin, but I feel "awakened". I believe meeting Terry has helped me see the path that I want to be on- with continuing this beautiful, complex, fascinating journey!  I recently began her intuitive awareness classes and I'm eager for the next one to start! The meditation with the group is amazing, and I've met such beautiful people through working with Terry. Thank you Terry!!“
Jessica R
“I came to know Terry via friends who told me of her very advanced physical and spiritual healing capabilities. After multiple healing sessions in her very peaceful and pleasant treatment area, I can readily attest to these facts. She is the real deal. She is not only an accomplished Reiki healer but also a gifted psychic who has the ability to channel healing and critical messages from enlightened entities, relatives and friends on the other side.
A great additional benefit gained from Terry's sessions was the messages brought over from the other side that pertain directly to your life and the path you should be following and what areas I should be concentrating on and correcting or enhancing. The information and messages I received from Terry's channeling were truly priceless in keeping focus on what is important in one's life and choosing the correct path. I am particularly grateful for her recommendations to re-read and master the information in "Conversation With God (Neale Donald Walsch)" where "Thoughts Are Things" and we are always creating (whether negative or positive) and that "Thoughts, Words, Actions" should be very closely monitored and the more the sincere gratitude you feel for your blessings the more blessings you will receive. If the world was full of Terryies - we would be very blessed and much better off.”
Martin Costello

“I enjoyed Terry's Reiki I and II classes, and look forward to taking herAdvanced Reiki class in the future.
She thoroughly prepared me for my independent Reiki practice, and her guidance has led me to great results in my
own work. Terry's expertise and teaching style makes Reiki easy to absorb and apply.”

“ I was enrolled in Terry's Intuitive Awareness classes, which I found very informative and interesting. Terry has a unique light and a special energy about her, and her instruction helped me immensely to enhance my own abilities. What she has taught me has become part of my daily life, and I am grateful that she shares her wisdom and her gifts with her students.”

“I have had the pleasure, honor and privilege to get to know Terry on a soul level, as a friend and a practitioner. Being a practitioner myself I have become very selective to whom I entrust my soul to. I have found Terry to be a very beautiful, openhearted, gentle, professional, authentic and extremely gifted celestial being in human form. Being in her presence makes the connection to the divine easy and effortless. Her treatment is a truly celestial experience in which healing is a natural side effect.”
Angela Marschall

"Terry is a wonderful teacher and light worker! I have taken her Reiki classes, attended meditations and presently sit in her intuitive development class. She is extremely professional. Being a certified teacher I am aware of all the preparation great teaching requires and Terry is always well prepared, organized and knowledgeable on the subjects she teaches. She is also very gifted psychically and even with all the preparation she puts in she still allows for herself and her students to be intuitively guided in this work. I appreciate this blend very much as planning and preparation are important, but being guided in the moment is the greater point of this particular work. She is highly clairvoyant, displays mediumship abilities, and is strongly connected to her guides and the spirit realm. She is able to share messages of love and healing as she works. As an energy healer she is fully tuned in and connected. She is able to target blockages easily and works seemingly effortlessly to remove them. I love her energy, and the energy she brings in spirit. This energy, which I can feel as very high level vibrational energy is like being wrapped in a blanket of love. This energy is so strong, along with the trusting environment that she provides that I find I am able to easily have experiences during her guided meditations. I highly recommend her classes, healings and meditations! I love my time with Terry!"
MJ Friedman
“My daughter has been obsessed with mermaids since the day she could talk! Well, I almost fell out of my chair when the first thing Terry said was that she saw a mermaid catching gold stars for my daughter! As the healing continued, Terry referred to things only my daughter and I knew. Wow- What an incredible experience!"
My other daughter has loved horses since she was four years old. We tried to allow her to ride however she would have an allergic reaction every time she was around a horse. So horses were discontinued in my daughter's life. Terry said she saw my daughter getting back into horses. Terry explained that she needed to be around 'horse energy.' I told her that it wasn't going to happen because of my daughter's allergic reactions. Two days later, my daughter called to tell me she was asked to work with horses- at the stables she rode at five years earlier! We both couldn't believe it. Now she works with the horses, takes riding lessons as well as allergy medicine! To this day, we are still in awe and amazement."
Now for my story... I was having a myriad of health problems so I went to Terry; without telling her ANYTHING she told me everything that was the matter. Guess what? Terry was spot on right!” 
Lorraine M.
“Terry offers us her inner voice and soul of light and love. She holds group classes that are for educating us to allow us to receive love and light into our hearts and souls. We do mediations, clairvoyant work, by awakening ourselves in the greater good of light and love. We are educated on crystal therapies, and on aromatherapies. These are just some of the classes we have done. In her private classes she does Reiki, and healing classes. Her light of IET offers us meditation Healing, with our own energies and the energies of the angels. Terry has enlightened our consciousness with her love and energy, by raising the consciousness to a higher spiritual level, and then it is allowing our earthly souls to move with a universal language of love and compassion. Terry raises our spirits and our own vibrations through her love for everyone’s greater good of love and light.”

“I am humbled to write this testimonial for Terry Leone. With that being said, I'm going to step aside and let my heart do the talking from this point on.....♥
I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities to experience Terry's extraordinary gifts through her treatments and classes. It is the warmth, insights and integrity of her communications along with the intuitive openness to deliver what my being needed that touched my heart, mind, body and soul. I feel blessed each time to experience Terry's pure love and light. Terry has my respect and admiration......as well as someone who will be back for more!”
~Diane McCarthy
“Terry, Class was amazing! It is extremely helpful and very practical. You go home and use it! It is a powerful addition to any healing modality! Please keep them coming! “

“Enjoyed class with all of my being”

“Thank you, Thank you for a wonderful workshop that was informative, exciting, educational and beneficial all at the same time. We are so very blessed to have you as our teacher and spiritual guide. I’m so happy that the space became available, it was a blessing!”

   "I want to thank you for all your great teachings & knowledge of Reiki. You have helped me to enhance my healing abilities that I've had for lifetimes & brought them out to help & heal others. It's an honor to know you & learn from you & maybe in the future we will have an opportunity to work together. Anyone I know, that chooses to learn the art of Reiki I will refer them to you. For you have the dedicated heart, spirit & knowledge that you can instill in them to do their best ! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
  Blessings,  Sam

“On Tuesday, I kept thinking and thinking about you and your class, probably because Monday was my last class for a while. But, I wanted to say I appreciate what you do. I have spiritual friends in different areas of the country and they don’t have what you offer available to them- a place to meet like minded people and a place to share spiritual experiences without sanity coming into question. And, to me, it’s not just about the people or a night out of the house. I feel like I have learned a lot and the feedback has helped me to trust what I get more and more. I feel like I’m finding my own way of receiving thanks to you. So, many thanks and I hope we meet up again before the spring.”
Laura Masciarelli

“I just wanted to send you a quick belated thank you for my visit a few weeks ago. I feel a definite impact from the session! Physically, I had some major trouble with my knees prior to our visit. I remember right after, they felt dramatically better, and continue to feel very much improved. I plan on devoting more time to connecting with my angels and meditating. Thank you for the messages you had received for me. It was very special to me and very “accurate” to what I was going through, as well as tremenously helpful. I plan to go to some of your classes in the near future! What a beautiful gift you have to give!“
 “Dear Terry, It seems like yesterday was our very own guided galactic tour with “vocals”. I thank you for holding my hand and sharing this extraordinary experience, expressing validation, the work that has to be done and the vision to move forward. Considering myself so very lucky to have been guided to your doorstep, and to be so welcomed, feeling so lost, comes with such gratitude. My wish on my journey is to be able to share it with you. May you always have this amazing capability to translate hope and well being to those lost. May you always share your tools and essences with those lucky enough to be receptive. May the knowledge you have in your one little pinky, touch those blessed to find you. Terry, thank you.
Ever so fondly, Grace and gratitude, Jill

"Voice of the Soul Healing" is a registered trademark of Terry Leone
"Voice of the Soul Healing" logo is a registered trademark of Terry Leone.
“I have worked wth Terry on one to one sessions over the past year and have taken numerous classes with her…She facilitated my ability to move forward on my personal healing journey and professional endeavors. She is filled with authenticity, integrity and compassion….She has opened doors for my continued growth in and out of the classroom. I am filled with gratitude for her presence on my journey.”
Dawn S.
It’s hard to put into words such a transformative experience, but I like a challenge. What motivated me to see Terry for a healing, was anxiety I had been feeling and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. I was sluggish, disconnected and just felt “off”. I have had many healings in the past , all wonderful, and yet nothing compares to my experience with Terry. First, she channels information that truly speaks to your soul. As she speaks you find yourself having one ‘ah ha’ moment after another! One of the things she told me was that I had already awakened the kundalini energy. While I’ve always been curious about kundalini,I never dove in fully. Since our healing I have started a daily kundalini yoga practice and I feel amazing! She also not only had you pull her stunning mandala cards, but you get to keep them! I display them in my meditation space and just looking at them brings me such vitality. Terry then performs her healing, using a multitude of powerful modalities and I felt an incredible sense of peace. I didn’t want it to end! It was truly a magical experience. She is so connected to the divine and you can feel her energy so strong. I urge you to have a healing by Terry and promise you will not be disappointed. Just be aware, the experience is so incredible you will become addicted! I know for me I will be coming back every 6 months for a tune up!
Forever Grateful, Allison

“A year ago my 93 year old mother suffered an injury that eventually required her to be placed in a nursing home. At the same time I was looking for something....what it was I wasn’t sure
I have always been spiritual but by some divine intervention I met Terry at a Psychic Fair. I instantly felt a connection to her. It turned out we had friends in common but it was her gentle gracious nature. Her spiritual guidance was what made me really want to pursue whatever it was I was seeking.
In time I started taking classes, soul ascension, mediumship and others. I purchased her beautiful mandala oracle sets and then I knew I wanted her as a mentor, a spiritual guide and ultimately friend.
Our mentoring session made me realize I had so much to give, but it was Terry who brought it to the surface. When she channeled a mandala specifically for me and it’s message, our connection became deeper and I knew this was someone I could trust with my spiritual journey.
She is passionate about what she does, compassionate in nature and truly divinely guided. Her classes are not only informative but have you leaving her class with a deep sense of peace.
I am so thankful I met her and hope to continue my journey with her.”
Ellen R.

“What a fantastic night. Terry, your classes are the best, love to be a part of them. You are one of the best mentors that have crossed my path. Can’t wait for the next series.
Thank you so much!” Teresa A.

“I can’t thank you and the universe enough for my amazing healing session today. You truly have a special connection and gift from the universe. I am grateful you chose this path, this journey to help, heal, educate and share your gifts. Whomever crosses your path is truly Blessed. I thank the universe for navigating me towards you!
In love, light and Holy Moses (lol).” Sue

“You honor so much of what is means to be sacred within. Your guidance and confidence in me has opened me to so many levels of healing awareness. Your Mandalas are utilized in every healing aspect that I use for helping others find that healer within. Your Mandalas provide a space for clients to connect deeply within. Each Mandala that I have from you has found its unique purpose in my own healing and others. For others, I use Starburst which has so many connections to my own unique energy fields and helps others find their sacred space within. Your personal Mandala that you made for me. It has one use. It guides and protects me altar and sleeping space. It has helped me dissolve anger and frustration by allowing me to channel a unconditional aspect of my higher-self. Then the lovely gift you gave me of my personal Mandala layered over a favorite picture of mine taken at Airport Vortex in Sedona. This a travel version of my personal mandala that I use in meditation and self care when I'm on the road. Your Oracle card decks are used in my oracle readings and in healing sessions. The 11 card Oracle deck is a very useful tool to use on clients when they are on the table during a Reiki session. The 33 Card Oracle Deck is a staple used to increase the energies of my 1 hour Oracle Readings. Not to mention all the crazy wonderful connections, hugs, and guidance you have lead me in so many fantastic directions. I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart! I know you can feel this email. I have placed a very special energy message that only you and I can feel.”

"My Name is Eddie, for more than five years I have experienced painful excruciating cluster headaches. My wife brought me to see Terry in July 2016. For 5 years I was tortured by the pain..... I saw many doctors, specialists, x-rays, MRI’s, eye tests, scans and no one could help me. The first time I had a session, I spent an hour in Terry’s healing room, it was one of the best days of my life. I never had another headache after that first session and she graciously saw me for two years once a month, giving of her time and donating her energy, while holding the space for me so who she channels can heal. Terry is the most wonderful, loving and amazing healer!"
Thank you, Eddie R.

“My experience with Terry Leone was everything I ever imagined. I cannot tell you how special this lady is an angel both with blighted and earthly souls. She and I instantly connected and she was intune with my situation, my soul, and mostly my heart which needed immense healing. She gave me light and direction when I needed it while we were in session and she was so kind, compassionate, and open to all that transpired. I had an immense connection while we sat and did Reiki, Acupressure, Acutonics, and more. She has instilled on me my own will to heal and for me to help others with my future classes in becoming a certified Reiki professional. I am forever grateful to the spiritual connection we had and continue to have when we meet.”
Audrey Kobel

“Terry, I wanted to thank you for everything you have gifted to me. From the day I met you I have felt and experienced nothing but a peaceful angelic presence. Being in your company lifts me up so much. From the day I went to your home to purchase the beautiful spiritually channeled Mandala art work I knew you were very special and would be an important part of my life. I had my first Angel hug and wow the energy in your home is beyond amazing. Your teaching me Reiki I opened me up in ways I could never imagine. Under your beautiful guidance I am now a Reiki Master~Teacher. You not only taught me the beautiful modality of Reiki for which I am eternally grateful, you have instilled in me a peaceful and beautiful way of life. Terry you are truly spiritually gifted and you touch the souls of so many. When you heal you not only heal, you channel beautiful necessary messages. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to me. I am blessed to know and mentor with you. I can not show my appreciation enough. I thank you Terry Leone for everything you have given to me, (I know there is more to come).” 
Love you, Debbie I.

“Terry came highly recommended to me as a Reiki teacher, and as soon as I met her it was glaringly obvious why. She is such a warm and inviting person and has created such a peaceful, sacred space to teach. Terry conveyed the teachings of Reiki in a manner we could easily grasp, and answered any questions we had with great thought and detail. Her knowledge about Reiki and all of spirituality is extensive, and it was an honor to be with her for the afternoon.”
Diana C.
These are the three words that come to mind after working with Terry for more than a year. I completed a year of classes to reach Usui Reiki Master level with Terry as well as two one-on- one healing sessions. Terry is Divinely connected to the highest vibrational spirit world and beyond. She is gentle with conviction and respects everyone is on their OWN Divine path and timing. I trust no one, like I trust Terry, with healing, guiding and mentoring me.”
Jen L.

"I just wanted to thank you, again, for yesterday. I feel so light, and inspired to continue on the path of vitality and healing that was kickstarted from our first contact. An interesting byproduct of our work: the ringing in my ears has
diminished. I listened to an Abraham Hicks recording once that said tinnitus is a tuning into a higher frequency; thank you for the upgrade! I feel a new sense of balance and a serenity that I feel confident I can protect and nourish thanks to you."