Unique Gifts
"Voice of the Soul Healing" is a registered trademark of Terry Leone
"Voice of the Soul Healing" logo is a registered trademark of Terry Leone.
 4"x5" Laminated Mandalas
Convenient size for travel, meditation, create crystal/mandala grids, place on altars and in your sacred & healing space.  
$5.00 each
Mini Crystal Mandala Grids
4 1/2"x 6" $10.00
Larger sizes also available

“Spirit is using your mandalas to communicate with me. I have to look at your cards though, because I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember all the names or the drawings. During meditation spirit showed me your “PURE HEART HEALING’ mandala. Then, when I was performing Reiki on myself my hands were at my throat & heart, they showed me your “UNITY” mandala and your “INSIGHT” mandala. I am grateful to them and always thank them. They are really kind to me & have some sense of humor! Light & Love to you and yours, and my gratitude and thanks to you for this”. JG

MANDALA Sacred Space Enhancers.... my original designs transferred onto a 22"x 22" piece of cotton fabric .....add this energy into your yoga, meditation or healing area, charge crystals & essential oils in the center of enhancer.
These 3 designs are available now
'ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL" (green and gold design)
'MAJESTIC MERKABA' (middle design)
'ST. THERESA' (red & gold design)
Each $22.00
✨Any of my original mandala designs can be transferred onto clothing also 
Also available
Mandala Artwork in a NEW ROUND Oracle Deck titled
This first deck of many has 12 cards and comes in an organza bag.
The purchase price is only $11.00 plus a $2.00 s/h fee per deck.
Please email me if you feel you would like to own one of these decks.
Use this deck intuitively .... you DO NOT have to be a cardreader to connect with the energies of each design.
🌟Very excited to offer Deck 2 in the ‘Mandala Soul Ascension’ Oracle Card Collection.
33 round Cards, $33.00
Please email me for more information and to order.
Limited supply, now available  

🌀This card comes with the ‘CIRCLE OF TRUTH‘ deck 2 of the Mandala Soul Ascension Card Collection listing each of the 33 card titles
🌟🌀🌟This is what I am being guided to create into healing mandala pendants so far 🌟🌀🌟
Many more are on the way.....Hoping to be able to offer a nice selection for you! 
Designs listed TOP to BOTTOM
Top left: Archangel Raphael     Middle left: Peaceful Empowering 
Bottom left: Ascension Star     Middle Row top: Find Your Center 
Middle Row bottom: St. Theresa     Right Row Top: Transformation 
Right Row Bottom: Windows to the World 
Each healing mandala pendant $11.00 plus s/h
*Voice of the Soul Healing* Added a few more large Mandala Pendants that will be available soon....’Creation’, ‘Sacred Seed’, ‘Soul Imprint’ & the popular ‘Metatron Cube’.....after many requests a keychain was also added ‘New Beginnings’ 🌟💚🌟
Please see contact info below should you like more information
A few new zipper pouches at 
Very limited quantities.... $8.00 each. A little smaller than 5”x 7”, great for small items like essential oils & crystals. 🔆
Bright Colored Canvas Tote bags with my original mandala artwork🌟
💙Royal Blue Tote: ‘Planetary Healing’
💜Pale lavender Tote: ‘Light Codes’
💛Yellow Tote: ‘Insight’
Orange Tote: ‘Playtime’
One of a kind....$20.00
15”x 15”, please email me to be certain I see the request. I only have one of each.
Three more canvas totes with original
mandala designs transferred to Tote ❤️
Light Blue Tote: ‘Sacred Seed’
Turquoise Tote: ‘Creation’
Red Tote: Sacred Earth
 $20.00 each, 15”x 15”
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White Tote: Moon Codes
Pink Tote: Joy
Beige Tote: Archangel Raphael

A few more pendant designs.... 
Rainbow Star Healing, Dancing Star, Divine Goddess Within You, Compassion,
Angel Way, Sacred Portal & Star World ........
Being guided to make a few Monarch
pendants from my photographs
🌈🌟Rainbow Star Healing Ray🌟🌈
print & pendant pack a powerful punch!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟DANCING STAR 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Print & pendant also available 
Starting a MOON PHASE series of my photography. Prints and pendants will be available with different phases of the moon ..... details coming soon
Another MOON phase print & pendant.....Crescent
A few of the many keychain designs that will be available soon
❤️Additional keychains & designs now being offered ...... limited 😇
Email tleone1111@gmail.com for more info on purchase, shipping 
I HEAR YOU!! 💗The past few months I have been getting many requests for the 4”x 6” laminated mandala cards ( which I was starting to phase out because it’s labor intensive and I have hundreds of designs and now photos). I was guided to laminate some of my newest mandala designs and some of my photography....still the same low exchange, $5.00 each or 5/$20. Feel free to call or email for additional information.🌟
 'Mandala Soul Ascension' card deck
My First in the Oracle Card Collection
🌟💗💥My latest mandala designs now available in the small Cabochon pendant series. They each hold a wonderful energy...... ‘Spirit Love’, ‘Illuminate Your Soul’, ‘Moonlit Angelic Love’ & ‘Angel Aura’. Stop by to do some holiday shopping or I can ship directly to you. 
A few new MANDALA cabochon pendants... 💗🌺🌟
Large photo left side : “WHIMSY”
Bottom Right: “TAPESTRY OF LIGHT” in a Tree of Life setting🌳
Email me for additional information
Received my package from Brianna & Stephen owners-creators of Meraki Rame. This collaboration was Divinely Guided. Unique one of a kind pendants featuring Mandalas & Sacred Geometry handcrafted in copper. Email or call for details.... 🌟🌟

Note Cards are now available in 2 designs. ‘Angel Aura’ & ‘Illuminate Your Soul’. Each card is blank inside, comes with a white envelope and measures 5.5”x4”.
The pack contains (6)cards & envelopes of one design , a tumbled selenite stone, (1)laminated 4”x6” card .....all placed in an organza bag for immediate gift giving. Very limited quantities. Special pricing $15.00 per pack.🌟💥🌟
My latest hand drawn mandala designs enhanced with beautiful rays of light.....available in various size prints, 4x6 laminated cards , and note cards are on the way! Designs shown are 'Spirit Love' (top left), 'Angel Aura' (top right), 'Moonlit Angelic Love' (bottom left) and 'Illuminate Your Soul' (bottom right). Call or email for additional information
Very limited & very special.... matching set PLUS!
💙BLESSED MOTHER pendant , pouch & anointing Rose Flower Essence to be placed easily on an acu-point along the heart meridian/chakra or anywhere you are guided 🌟💙🌟Set your own intentions to work with Mother Mary for healing for yourself & others.
New cabochon pendant, ‘Super Moon’ from February, very limited quantities 💛 I used my photograph with a little pixie dust over the moon 🌙 
Every few months I will offer a new moon pendant, this is the first in the 2019 collection 🌟
 I have a few 18”x18” pillows back in stock. 
My “ANGEL AURA” mandala design is on both sides of this beautiful pillow..... a fantastic addition to any healing space 🌟💜🌟 $55.00
🌟ANGEL AURA🌟 Back in stock after many requests! A staple item in my collection, 5 note cards w/envelopes, a selenite tumbled stone , a laminated card to keep for yourself after you have used all the note cards.... all placed in a purple organza bag. $15.00 
 💗Limited supply 
Three more favorites available again.... ‘Blessed Mother’, ‘St. Theresa’ & ‘Spiritual Growth’ 
This mandala design is new to the Sacred Geometry Mandala pendant necklace line.
Smaller Mandala zipper pouches with wristlet also currently available.... 5”x7”
Many colors & designs ......email info above for more information or to stop by .....

Mandala zipper pouch with wrist strap.... 10.5”x8”, great for small crystals, essential oils, cell phones,
angel cards and all of your special small items 🌟
Top left~ Blue denim pouch with ‘New Beginnings’ 
Bottom left~Blue denim pouch with ‘A Mother’s Love’ 
Top right~Blue denim pouch with ‘Find Your Center’
Bottom right~Black denim pouch with ‘Kindness’ design 
Email me for additional information if interested in purchasing tleone1111@gmail.com 

🌷Introducing something new
One of my FB friends Patty Moran gave me this idea and even included on the post card stock & envelopes to purchase on amazon! Up until this point I never thought to print out a photo on glossy paper and mount it on a 4x6 card. I have been printing them through vista print or on matte paper and laminating them. World of difference....a high quality glossy photo is just breathtaking! Thank you Patty for your inspiration & information. Private message me your home address I would like to send you some cards. Each photo taken by me and post processed in Lightroom Classic CC and or Luminar 3. For those of you interested in purchasing that special card for that special person, contact me!

🌟😇 “ANGEL AURA”😇🌟is now available in print in an 11”x 14” mat frame and in a smaller laminated card size 4”x6”. Makes an awesome  gift! Call or email for additional information and make an appointment to stop by and check out all of the other great gift ideas at ’Voice of the Soul Healing’ !!

Additional offerings of both sizes in new mandala designs.... 12”x12” mat print & 4”x6” laminated card ‘Moonlit Angelic Love’ & ‘Spirits Love
Putting together a few new pendant designs.....this is the only one of these at the moment 
Two more designs wanted to be pendants....
”Pure Heart Healing” & “Immunity Booster”. Very appropriate for these times. Please email me with any questions, additional information, tleone1111@gmail.com
$22.00 plus $4.95 shipping. 🕉💕🌟✡️
Beautiful blended design with Jesus statue photo & one of my mandalas. A few pendants available. $22.00 plus $4.95 shipping. I added a picture of the Blessed Mother pendant for those of you inquiring. Her photo is blended with a beautiful rose.
My Sacred Geometry Mandala design “Solar Wind”now available on cotton zipper pouches. Size shown 11”x8”. Very limited inventory 🕉🎄✨$22.00 plus $4.95 shipping🎁
A great addition for your essential oils, essences, small crystals and oracle, angel or tarot cards!!
Some of my newer Sacred Geometry Mandala designs available on cotton zipper pouches. In these photos the black & blue cotton pouches have a wrist strap and measure 11”x8” & the cream color fabric measure 12”x9”.......$22.00 plus $4.95 shipping
Beautiful Quan Yin photo art now available in an oval pendant. Comes with a bonus 4”x 6” laminated card.
$22.00 plus $4.95 shipping. Oh.... and 3 small clear quartz crystal points to really add some holiday JOY. Email me at tleone1111@gmail.com to order-additional information. VERY LIMITED