"Lovely picture! Of the guardian angel, close and ever watching and assisting." This photo was taken at a Diana Cooper Workshop by an attendee. April 2011.
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"This looks like your guardian angel.........and it seems that your guardian angel works on the Archangel Michael Ray, assuring that you are loved and taken care of and protected."
Another photo taken at the Diana Cooper Workshop by an attendee. April 2011.
"Lovely reflective light being radiated by the sun for purification & enlightenment- Archangel Raphael orb bringing healing into this area as well"
 Photo taken by G. Leone.
"This is Archangel Metatron and an angel of love radiating the energy of ascension in this area to all who are open to."
Photo taken by G. Leone.
"This is an orb of Archangel Michael and the angels of love- I feel radiating love and protection as well as information and knowledge of two projects that you are going to be starting soon." Photo taken by a workshop attendee. November, 2010.
"Once more, lovely reflective light being used by the Archangels to spread Love & Peace."
Photo taken by me. November, 2010
This photo is out of focus I believe due to the intense energies that were surrounding us. Deb Goldman, founder of .......Be the example! Was preparing our moon meditation. The moon is at the top of the photo, the orange orb is Archangel Metatron assisting us in moving forward through the transitions that are ahead for the planet & all life on the planet during the ascension. If you look closely you can see a face in the orb! The yellow orb is Archangel Jophiel assisting us in deepening our intuition & awareness for clearer sight. The orb that is illuminating orange & yellow gold is Christ light along with AA Metatron & AA Jophiel's energy. Small orb in the background is AA Michael. It looks like Deb has angel wings!!" 
Photo taken by Terry Leone.
This photo was taken of a workshop participant taking advantage of free time. This light is Christ light illuminating with energy of Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael. You can see two other orbs directly over her near the ceiling.
Photo Taken By Terry Leone
"Lovely one of Archangel Gabriel bringing in clarity & purity into this area." Location of Karuna Reiki Master Workshop Weekend. Photo taken by Terry Leone.

These orbs are guides of the students, and angels carrying spirits of loved ones. William Lee Rand congratulating students and giving out certificates. This was the Karuna Reiki Master Workshop weekend.
This photo was taken by Terry Leone. April 2009.
Photo taken by Terry in Sedona, Arizona. October 2013.
“This photo shows energies of love, healing and protection being beamed to the area directly from source.”  Photo taken in Sedona, Arizona by Terry. October 2013.
The large brown orb is Archangel Uriel, he has come to collect spirits in need of help and is holding them in peace. The green orb higher up is Archangel Raphael transmitting healing to the spirits. The conical blue orb is receiving energy from the sun and contains Archangel Michael’s energies, transmitting courage and protection. The orb below contains Archangel Zadkiel’s violet light helping them to transmute their fears and any negativity. Looking at this picture helps to heal”. Photo taken by Terry. Sedona, Arizona October 2013.
"Your camera has captured rays of light and the message I’m getting from this light energy, is that you are attracting the energy of nature and the elementals into your own energy. It's as if you are attuned to this kind of energy in some way.”
Photo taken by Bill. Sedona, Arizona, October 2013. 
“The Archangel energies within your lovely photograph are Sandalphon (Earth Star Chakra) Raphael (Healing), Gabriel (Purity) and Chamuel (love).” Photo taken by Terry…Interpreted by The Diana Cooper Orb Team.
"Voice of the Soul Healing" is a registered trademark of Terry Leone
"Voice of the Soul Healing" logo is a registered trademark of Terry Leone.
"Lovely one of Caroline's guides working with her and the energy of Archangel Metatron & Archangel Chamuel".
Photo taken by me at a Carolyn Myss Workshop. 2009.
 "Lovely one of Archangel Gabriel radiating clarity & assisting with opening up of the chakras in preparation for ascension".
Photo taken by me at relatives house on Christmas Day 2010.
There is no formal interpretation for this photo. It is not angelic energy, but it is energy of the owner of this property that had passed several years before. He was an artist.
Photo taken by me at "Eliphante", outside of Sedona. October, 2010.
"These are all angel's carrying spirits-some of them have openings at their centers. Openings are usually there to let information in or out or beings in or out".
Photo taken by me at a Carolyn Myss Workshop. 2009.
"It is reflective light and the red orb is Archangel Metatron using the energy to raise the frequency of the area".
Photo taken by Terry. Sedona sunset October 2010.
There is no formal interpretation for this photo. You can see the purple energy of Archangel Zadkiel, the orange energy of the Angel from Orion, the green energy of Archangel Raphael, with a few other orbs on my jacket. Photo taken by G. Leone. "Enchantment Resort". March 2009.
"Archangel Chamuel using the reflective light of the sun to bring love to the area. Also a presence of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary." This photo was taken by Terry Leone at the "Shrine of Our Lady of the Island" Manorville, L.I. Fall/2011

"I am feeling much more clarity now. Thank you for such a sincere and enlightening day. I am continuing to read the manual and learning the ways of Reiki. I love the orb pictures which confirm the positive energy that I felt all around us. Peace and light, Sal"
Reiki Level I Class, February 2012.
Photo taken by Terry Leone.
"This is a wonderful healing picture. The violet light under the sun is Melchizedek with St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel collecting energy from the sun. The orange orb is an angel from Orion with Archangels Gabriel and Jophiel bringing Quan Yin. The green energy is one of the sun's rays which has been refracted through Archangel Raphael and has specifically been brought out by the angels to bring healing to the area and to remind those who see this picture to send healing too. The white cross is two angels of love and they are with Archangel Zadkiel. At the bottom right you can see purple light from Zadkiel." 
Photo taken by G. Leone. "Enchantment Resort", Sedona. March 2009.
“ The angels are using reflective sunlight to transmit their blessings. There are many Archangelic energies present here but the most powerful one is Archangel Michael transmitting protection, strength and courage with his blue energy. The yellow is Archangel Uriel transmitting peace and confidence. The orange/red is Metatron transmitting ascension energies and the green is Raphael transmitting healing. Looking at this photo you get a power boost.” Interpreted by Diana Cooper orb team.....
Photo taken by Terry. Old Bethpage, September 2014

“As there are so many Archangel energies, I will interpret your image in sections.
Around the Sun : Archangels Gabriel (purity), Mother Mary, Uriel (peace - however, Uriel is transmuting energies in this image), Zadkiel (transmutation) and Lady Amethyst (Zadkiel’s twin flame).
The area to the lower right of the Sun: Archangels Raphael (healing), Purlimiek (nature & elementals), Mother Mary, Michael (protection & truth), Chamuel (love), Zadkiel (transmutation) and Metatron (wisdom & ascension).
There is also energy from Archangel Zadkiel at the bottom right corner. The powerful energies from the Archangels are awakening the elementals to their new 5th dimensional roles. These extended roles help the elementals to utilize the high-frequency energies that are entering the planet at this time, so that they in turn can help the people to integrate these powerful energies in a way that helps them with their own ascension process. Truth is being spread to this area, helping to transmute the energies of illusion, in whatever form that illusion has taken.

” Diana Cooper Orb Team 9/30/14....Photo taken by Terry in Mt. Shasta, California.