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Blended Art Designs
"Voice of the Soul Healing" is a registered trademark of Terry Leone
"Voice of the Soul Healing" logo is a registered trademark of Terry Leone.

These Blended Art Designs are 7x7 in a
12x12 matte  frame. 

22.00 plus $4.00 postage
😇🌟Archangel Raphael🌟😇
Mandala blended with a white flower.... it really brings the design to a different level of illumination! This is a Divine piece to put in a sacred space and to meditate with. This was one of my very first drawings in 2014..... they seem to be morphing and taking on a higher vibration of light! A REBIRTH 🌟

Oh so pretty! Sacred Geometry 
‘Seeds of Life’
blended with a gorgeous flower
🌺Love is in the Air🌺
Blended my mandala with a flower.... MAGIC! 
Enjoy!!! This is healing with color! 
Sacred Heart of Jesus❣️🌟❤️
Shine your Divine Light & Love into the hearts of Humanity....🙏

💙Moon Codes~Blue Starlight🌟
My mandala design blended with another Sedona Sky! Magical!! Enjoy the healing energies!
Feeling very Blessed, inspired, excited, grateful & humble.....my newfound blending techniques of my channeled art with my photography. 
St. Theresa Statue blended with my Mandala ‘Planting Seeds of Love’ 

This just might be my favorite blended piece of art so far. Background is another 
Sedona Sunset with my 
'Wheels of Light’ mandala. 
Enjoy the healing energies of this piece!!!!

 I was just guided to take a photo of a nice piece of fluorite I have and blend it with the mandala I created with watercolor pencils.... it looks like a stained glass window!
Sedona sun blazing in the center of  Metatron's Cube
Monarch Butterfly photo blended with my ‘Pure Essence’ mandala
 ‘Peaceful Heart’ mandala blended with a nature scene.
Another blended piece of art... 
‘Moon Flowers’
Mandala & Sedona Sunset
I’m having too much fun merging my Mandala Art with my photos ....... It’s magical! I never know what the end result will be! I especially love this one.
Another Sedona Redrock Sunset with my ‘Autumn’s Magic’ mandala merging into the beautiful colors of Sedona....
Here is a big burst of color! This photo is of a monarch butterfly I took in my backyard over the summer! I’m sure the butterfly will not mind me learning and experimenting with photoshop
Violet light energies captured in Sedona photo, we had to walk across that wooden plank to get to the Angel grids....the Mandala design used here is ‘Pure Essence’
The background is a Sedona Sunset that I took from the Airport Mesa a few months ago and the mandala is one of my latest called ‘Dawning of a New Day’.... the sunset and sunrise energies being portrayed together are awesome!
New Offering...Blending YOUR Photo with one of my mandala designs.... more details coming soon.
'Blessed Mother' with Rose
My photo of Archangel Michael statue
blended with my Archangel Michael Mandala
Blended Art Mandalas with Matching Pendants
My backyard Buddha surrounded by my 'Happiness' mandala

I Love this one.... CREATION Mandala blended with the MOONDANCE pendant
My ‘Sacred Portal’ Mandala merged with the beautiful Great South Bay.....sending Healing & Blessings far & wide 💙
Blending my photo of an Iris with my latest gold mandala ...... 🌟💜🌟💙
🌟💗🍃This design was created by merging 3 different photos together..... you never know what new energies the combinations will bring forward. Those of you that know me, know I love color, nature, sacred geometry and mandalas! I LOVE how this unfolded!

Named by GAIL CUSHING the title of 'Nature’s Kingdom' spoke the loudest! 
Another unique multimedia combination 🌟🌳🌟
My nature photo from Bethpage State Park and my latest drawing called 'Seeds of Change'. This is a powerful frequency of healing energy. It will also be available in a print. Enjoy !!
A little Art & Photography ... the background is my ‘Happiness’ mandala edited with rays of light blended with one of my Dragonfly photos! All together brings it to another level....