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Energy Therapy for your Body, Mind & Spirit
Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. Japanese in origin, the word "Rei" means Spiritual Consciousness, and "Ki" means Universal Life Force Energy, that flows through all living things.
It is believed that one's "Ki" should be strong and free flowing. When this is true, one's body and mind are in a positive, balanced state of well-being. When the energy becomes weak or blocked, symptoms of illness result. The technique of Reiki re- balances the flow of energy in and around the body to help return it to a vibrant, positive state of health.
Reiki is a natural, gentle, yet powerful way of healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As part of the process, Reiki enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself and is an ideal complement to both eastern & western medicine.
A Reiki treatment feels like a glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Beneficial effects include relaxation, feelings of peace and well-being. A recipient of Reiki might feel a warming sensation or a tingling during the session.
A private Reiki session can last anywhere between 30-90 minutes. The client will rest comfortably on a massage/energy table, no articles of clothing are removed; loose, comfortable clothing is suggested. A session can either be hands-on , including the application of a light touch, or hands-off where the hands will be held slightly above the body, but still working in the clients energy field, or a combination of both. For those that are unable to lay supine or prone, you can sit comfortably in a reclining chair or straight back chair.
A Typical Reiki Session
    Benefits of Reiki

* Encourages deep relaxation and stress relief
* Strengthens the immune system
* Increases circulation and eliminates toxins
* Eases pain and accelerates the healing process
* Releases blockages and supports emotional balance
* Promotes mental clarity
* Enhances intuition, insight and creativity
* Stimulates personal and spiritual growth
* Promotes Flexibility
* Increases range of motion

What I love Most About Reiki

* Gentle
* Cost Effective
* No Side Effects
* Can be used on YOUNG and OLD
* Non-invasive
* No Expiration Date
* No Risk
* No Equipment Needed
* Does Not Need the Latest Technology
Heal on a Soul Level with Compassion and Grace
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Dr. Oz speaks of Reiki during a live show on alternative medicine, "It provides me with a good segue to what I think may be ultimately the most important alternative medicine treatment of all. And we are embarking on this whole new vista of opportunities, it broadens dramatically the spectrum of where we might be able to go in our bodies, and this is the area of energy medicine".

"...It's not just about acupuncture," Dr. Oz says. "The reason I'm so excited and passionate about alternative medicine is ... [because it is] the globalization of medicine." Alternative medicines, Dr. Oz says, deal with the body's energy” something that traditional Western medicine generally does not. "We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure," he says. "As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier ... in medicine is energy medicine."

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